3 Easy tips for maximizing family time with all your kids

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Most modernized parents of this generation have no time for their kids. This is because most parents get more engaged and attached to their work or businesses. When parental care, support, and guidance goes haywire, kids are left to fall prey to drug abuse, early pregnancies and school dropouts and other deviant behaviors. Of great importance is the need to ensure that all of your children feel your presence. The following are some of the tips that will help parents spend equal time with all of their kids.

Schedule your time

A clear timetable of the activities to be done throughout the day is the best way to go. For instance, plan when each member is supposed to be doing a particular house chore. While they are at it, try to give them some company and inquire about how they are managing at school. Some of the chores could include dish-washing, cooking, cleaning the house, cleaning the compound, and washing clothes. Time for school work and play should also be scheduled. Playtime is the perfect time to interact with all your kids. If they are a little bit old, check up on them in their rooms and ask how they are doing. In most cases, these are some of the best time for parents to share with their kids equally.

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Family meals times is a must

Family meal time is the most precious time when all distractive things like phones, toys, and television are put away. During this time, both kids and parent get along while making stories and enjoying the meal. When having meals together as a family, you use this valuable time to raise burning issues and have each member contribute. Parents use this opportunity to note the strengths and weaknesses of their kids. Every family should try having meal times.

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Get everyone on board

Children will always feel appreciated and loved when they are involved in family decisions. The decisions could relate to an upcoming project, event or family trip. At some point, the kids will often give more of their views and ideas that could positively change the status of the family. To facilitate this, parents should open room for ideas. This can be achieved by asking questions such as; what is your view or take on this issue? This process strengthens the family bond.

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Parents should use the 3 tips to maintain healthy relationships with their kids.

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