3 modern jewelry ideas to help you achieve an Indo Western look

Sonal Kapoor wearing white traditional designer saree and diamond ring

Sarees are never out of fashion even when other fashion trends come and go. Modern jewelry keeps them alive. This includes bangles, necklaces, earrings, among others. Every modern woman should own at least one jewelry, depending on her fashion taste. The type of the saree determines what jewelry to wear. The occasion is also a key factor. To achieve a Western Indo look, you have to be very keen with your choice of accessories. Below are three magnificent accessories to help you achieve a refined Western Indo look.

#1: Diamond earrings

The longneck blouse blends in well with diamond earrings and a clutch bag. With this combination, you are likely to realize an outstanding look.

Sonal Kapoor wearing white traditional designer saree and diamond ring
Western women smiling wearing white Indian saree diamond earrings

With the above set of accessories, a simple and yet elegant casual look is achieved.

#2: Waist belts

Waist belts for saree are the real deal. Mostly worn during parties and other informal occasions, they give a sexy feel that is jaw-dropping.

stunning Indian waist belt with black georgette saree

Body accessories for saree complement a woman’s trendy look, making her look super cool. That is why you should try any of the waist belts shown above.

#3: Large neck pieces

Whoever said that simple is sometimes (if not often) boring was not far from the truth. A stylish large neck piece will complete your stylish look in a saree. It gives you a whole new sexy and classy look.

large neck pieces for styling looking a saree
multi body accessories that go well with your saree

Blaze up your appearances in wedding and other ceremonies with these multi-body accessories that go well with your saree. Having good accessories influence the whole wedding mood because it gives you a splendid and confident look.

Any modern woman would dream of owning the latest modern accessories shown above. The accessories help you achieve an Indo Western look.

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