6 Tips to Get the Perfect Saree Blouse Stitched

When you talk about saree femininity, fragility and sexuality come into play. One of the most essential pieces of an Indian woman’s ensemble is a blouse, meant to complement the saree. They come in different forms, ranging from chiffons to designer. Therefore, no matter how beautiful a saree is, a blouse is that component that makes the beauty and elegance of this Indian wear marvel to pop out. Check 6 tips for perfect saree blouse stitched.

The secret is…match the saree with an appropriate blouse in a perfect fit.Obviously, the next question that comes to mind is, how do I stitch that perfect saree? Well, in this blog, we are going to show you how to achieve that. We unleash six blouse-stitching tips so that you get the ideal saree blouse stitched for yourself.


Take right measurement of Saree Blouse while stichingTake the right blouse measurement

You need to measure your around bust, below bust, shoulder, full length, sleeve length, sleeve loose, around armhole, front neck depth, back neck depth and the blouse length. By knowing your exact body measurements, you ensure that you get the perfect saree blouse stitched. A perfectly fitting saree often looks lovely, unlike one that is either oversize or tightly fitting.


blouse design or pattern is critical

One thing you need to understand is that not every design with fit your body well. This means that you should not just copy what someone is wearing and tell your designer to stitch it for you. It might end up looking horrible, depending on your body type. Making a mistake at this stage might actually mess up your overall appearance.

Another thing to consider is your personality, something that should be complemented by the blouse you wear. For instance, if you are shy, you should stay away from strappy blouses designs since you might end up feeling uneasy while wearing them.


Handpick the fabric

Anyone who has good taste in saree fabric will be cautious about the type of fabric used when stitching a saree blouse. As such, you should make sure that you get the right fabric. Material such as silk and cotton are comfortable to wear whereas the likes of polyester are not so comfortable.

Having a proper lining for transparent fabrics such as a sheer is also critical. One of the things to keep in mind when getting a blouse stitched is the type of fabric used. Do not forget that!


the color matters

The next tip on getting a saree blouse stitched concerns color. While picking a saree, you must always consider the color of the blouse.If you love experimenting with color, choices are plenty. You can look awesome if the colors are deeply matched. A plain saree blouse look may be emphasized by adding simple details like piping. This is a really fun way to spicing up a neckline.

Piping can also add an extra bit of polish or help bring out a contrast color.An orange color chiffon blouse with black color highlights looks really well and attractive. If you do not want to go with an orange saree, wear a black saree. If you want to look very decent at a party event, a black color saree blouse will bean excellent choice. There are many color choices to play with when getting a saree blouse stitched.


wear the right bra

Keep in mind that when stitching a specific saree blouse design, it has to go with an appropriate bra. Any decent lady would not want her bra to be revealed awkwardly. That is why you need to have the right bra for each saree blouse design you stitch. For various saree blouse designs such as low-cleavage and backless and deep back, there are appropriate bra designs you can go for.

Another thing to keep in mind when getting a blouse stitched is hook up buttons. Ensure that your saree blouse is designed with hoop up buttons. The hook up buttons should be situated on the shoulders to hold and conceal bra straps. If you are stitching a deep neck saree blouse, consider wearing a strapless bra.


customisations are allowed while saree blouse stitching

Once in a while, our tastes change and that is just ok. The same can happen with the saree blouse you have stitched. In such a case, you need to visit your tailor for a customization of the stitched saree. At the end of the day, your comfort is what matters.


Many people continuously wonder on how to get a perfect fit when matching their saree with a blouse. However, such worries are unwarranted, as we have given six key tips on how to go around the issue. The secret is quite simple.

You should take the right measurement, choose a good design or pattern, select the fabric, pick a color, wear the right bra and make customizations whenever necessary. Knowing how to get the perfect saree blouse stitched is very important. A blouse complements your saree and should be chosen carefully.

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