6 Tips To Raise “Good’ Kids

It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your kids grow up with good behavior. Therefore, you should initiate mechanisms that will assist your kids to become decent human beings. If you nurture good behaviors at a young age, your kids are likely to blossom into adulthood with such behaviors. Learn tips to raise kids.

The secret is to start early. It becomes increasingly difficult to change behaviors in adulthood. In this guide, we present six latest parenting tips that have been proven valuable.

1. Commend Their Efforts

Commend Their Efforts - Tips to Raise Kids
Tip 1: Commend Their Efforts

Research in the field of achievement and success has shown that a person’s mental status can influence behavior. Attitudes are very important. That is why a parent should praise or applaud a child for hard work. You should avoid labelling your child as “clever” or “genius”. Such labels make a child to be reluctant in taking on challenges.

The child will end up believing that achievements come from innate abilities. This is a form of fixed mindset that will make the child not to engage in challenging tasks. If you praise your child with words such as “good work” or “good effort”, the child will know that hard work leads to better achievement. The child will develop a growth mindset enabling them to face new challenges with a motivation to learn new skills.

2. Teach Them A Culture of Saying “Thank You”

Tips to raise kids - Teach Them A Culture of Saying “Thank You”
Tip 2: Teach Them A Culture of Saying “Thank You”

The older generation knows that it is good manners to always say “thank you”. However, this not obvious for the younger generation. In the postmodern world, parenting styles are changing and discipline is increasingly being challenged. The younger generation has a high sense of entitlement.

Nowadays, it is rare to hear a kid saying “thank you.” That is why your kids should practice gratitude. They should recognize and appreciate people who have a positive contribution to their lives. Showing gratitude helps children to be compassionate, and helpful, leading to healthier lives. To achieve this goal, ensure that your kids show gratitude on a regular basis. It can be at a restaurant or during dinnertime. Repetition makes the kids to internalize this behavior.

3. Teach Them To Prioritize Caring For Others

Teach Them To Prioritize Caring For Others - Tips to raise kids
Tip 3: Teach Them To Prioritize Caring For Others

There is always a temptation to prioritize the happiness and achievement of others over the concerns of others. This behavior makes modern kids to care about their welfare before anything else. That is why you should teach your children to also focus on the concerns of others. They should learn to balance their needs with those of others. By doing so, your kids will be less selfish but not easy tips to raise kids. They will learn to help those in need.

Child care requires that parents show that caring for others is a top priority. This builds a moral compass in the kids, helping them to learn on the importance of honoring commitments even when it is not convenient for them. Your kids should understand that kindness is a virtue that they need to learn and practice in their daily lives.

4. Be A Mentor and Role Model

Be A Mentor and Role Model a tip to raise toddler
Tip 4: Be A Mentor and Role Model

The first person that children learn from is the parent or guardian. Your kids will always model your behavior, whether it is good or bad. That is why you should strive to be a good role model. Your kids will learn ethical values by watching your actions and those of the other adults in their lives. Tips to raise kids are not easy to follow. Showing your kids “right” and “wrong” from an early age is critical in shaping good behavior.

However, words alone cannot be effective. You should ensure that your actions match with your words. That is the only way your children will trust you and what you say. Strive to practice honesty, fairness, and caring. However, let your children know that nobody is perfect. They should know that when a person makes a mistake, they acknowledge it, apologize and then work towards remedying the situation.

Also, let your kids know that they can always practice autonomy with their thoughts, effective tips to raise kids. Others should not sway them even when they are right. If they believe that they are right, they should be confident and voice out their opinions.

5. Teach Them Self-Control And How To Manage Feeling

 Teach Them Self-Control And How To Manage Feeling - Tips to raise child
Tip 5: Teach Them Self-Control And How To Manage Feeling

You need to raise your children in a way that they are comfortable to express feelings appropriately. There are some many myths relating to expression of feelings. In some cultures, crying is not encouraged in boys and men. Such expectations makes it difficult for boys to express emotions and is unhealthy.

A child might fail to express an emotion such as empathy not because they do not have it but because it is being blocked by other feelings such as shame. As a parent, it is your duty to teach your child not to be overwhelmed by negative feelings such as anger, envy and shame. These negative feelings block positive feelings such as empathy and love.

Raise your children in such a way that they are not held hostage by stereotypes and prejudices relating to expression of feelings. Your kids should know the right way of exercising self-control with their feelings, so as not to harm others. Follow these great tips to raise kids.

6. Always Emphasize The Golden Rule

Always Emphasize The Golden Rule - Tips to raise childern
Tip 6: Always Emphasize The Golden Rule

There is one golden rule that has guided behavior for centuries. This rule is often quoted in religious texts. It is the rule of “treating others as you would want to be treated.”

The rule is one of the pillars or moral behavior. If your children expect others to treat them well, they should do also do the same. If your children can learn and internalize this rule, they are likely to grow up with good behavior.

Conclusion – Tips to Raise Kids

There are several parenting tips on how to raise good kids. In this post, we offer you some of the latest parenting tips that can work for you in this modernized world. Parenting styles have evolved from the time when spanking was the order of the day.

Presently, dialogue has taken center stage and has proven more beneficial to children. To raise good kids, you should start teaching them upright behaviors from a young age. As the children grow, they will internalize the teachings and make them a part of their lives.

What are some of strategies you have used to raise your kids? Have they all been successful? We would like to hear some comments from you.

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