Best Chinese New Year 2019 Activities and Crafts for Kids

Chinese lantern craft -

It goes without saying that Chinese New Year holiday is the most important holiday to the Chinese people. It is one of the big festivals that is tied to lunisolar Chinese calendar. This holiday is also celebrated by other Asian countries, even when it is labelled as a “Chinese New Year”. In their traditions, the Chinese believe that the old year is an old chapter.  

To welcome the new themes of happiness, prosperity and others that are drawn in by the New Year, they decorate their houses in beautiful colors. Whether you are a Chinese national or not, you got to love these celebrations.

kids are a huge part of any holiday celebration, here are seven of the most amazing fun activities for kids that you should look forward to as we close in on the New Year, 2019.

Chinese lantern craft

During the New Year festival, it is a tradition for Chinese kids to make their own lanterns. Symbolically, the lanterns are used to display the Chinese New Year, or rather Lunar New Year.

Chinese lantern craft -

Chinese drum craft

They are not only fun to play but also fun to create! The drum craft recreates a Chinese instrument called Bolang GU or pellet drum. The Chinese drum craft is used by Chinese kids to sing Lunar New Year songs. The drum craft creates a wonderful rhythm when done correctly.

Chinese drum craft -

Chinese lion dance activity

Believed to bring good luck and happiness, the Chinese lion dance is an integral part of the New Year celebrations. The lion dance activity is one of the fun activities for the Lunar New Year that kids anticipate.

Normally, the lion dance involves two performers whereby one to moves the front legs and head while the other (who is bent over) works on the back legs and tail. Younger kids do not have to carry the lion costume which is often heavy. The kids paint themselves like lions and dance.

Chinese lion dance activity -

Chinese sensory bin activity

This is a fun game that kids enjoy playing in the Lunar New Year. The Chinese sensory bin activity is made from simple materials that are easily available and thus cannot harm kids. It is a hands-on activity that allows kids to learn by exploring objects, colors and the feel of them.

Chinese sensory bin activity -

Chinese kids’ calligraphy

The Chinese kids’ calligraphy entails drawing Chinese symbols thus enabling the kids to learn the language from their tender age. It is the wish of any Chinese parents for his or her child to learn the Chinese language.

During the Lunar New Year, Chinese kids are used to hanging in the house to make these decorative handwritings.

Chinese kids’ calligraphy -

Chinese chopsticks activity

Most Chinese kids enjoy using chop sticks to eat special meals during the Lunar New Year. To these kids, the New Year brings a lot of happiness because of the special treatment.

The kids are taught how to use these chopsticks right from a young age. As they grow, they continue practicing the same skill and the Lunar New Year is one of such opportunities.

Chinese chopsticks activity -

Chinese red envelope crafts

The Chinese red envelope crafts is a common activity for the Lunar New Year. The red color symbolizes good luck and is used to chase away evil spirits.

The kids make this envelopes to exchange with family and friends during the Chinese New Year, with money usually tucked inside.

Chinese red envelope crafts -

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