Calm your kids with these top 5 calming techniques

For kids, emotions can be very hard to fight off. Emotions make kids react in weird manners. Even when the display of emotions is healthy for kids, the behaviors can get out of hand if left unchecked. It is important to train your kids on some of the best strategies for calming down when they get emotional. Here are the top 5 calming techniques for kids.

Calm your kids with these top 5 calming techniques

#1: Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises

The calm breathing exercise helps kids to slow down their breathing when feeling stressed or anxious. One can use the “bubble blowing” technique to teach kids how to do calm breathing. Kids achieve this technique by practicing blowing bubbles by using toy soap bubble container and wand. Kids should wait 2 seconds before blowing the next bubble. After that, the kids practice “blowing bubbles” without a bubble wand and do this when they get emotional so as to calm down.

#2: Physical exercises

Physical exercises for kids

Physical exercises are also good remedies for calming kids. Stressed or anxious kids are made to skip a rope as an adult counts for them. This exercise also needs timing. Timing is key since it will help the kids to know when to regulate their own emotions.

#3: Sensory play

Sensory play for Kids

Sensory play is another technique that helps to cool overstimulated kids. Kids are made to focus on the achievement of a certain goal. The goal is only achieved when the kids focus.

#4: Reading storybooks

Reading storybooks for kids

Reading storybooks is another important calming exercise. It teaches kids how various characters are able to cope up with challenging situations.

#5 Positive self-talk

Positive self-talk like I am good at sharing

Teach the kids how to do a positive self-talk. This helps them to shift their focus from negative emotions to positive emotions. You can also give the kids plain paper to write what is on their minds. By doing so, you get a clear picture of what the kids fear the most.

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