How to Choose a Perfect Saree for Your Body Type

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Sarees are versatile items of clothing. You can wear them to a wedding, or wear them as your professional attire. Whatever you decide, it’s hard to argue that sarees are a beautiful option. You need to learn how to choose a perfect saree! Check bellow some easy traditional fashion tips.

Sometimes when you’re shopping for sarees online, it can be hard to find the right one.

But, don’t worry. This post will help you find the best saree for your body type.

The Perfect Saree for Your Body

We all have different body shapes. Tall, short, thin, or curvy. The fact that everyone is different is something to celebrate. So, take a look at these traditional fashion tips on how to find a sari for your particular body type.

Pear Shape Body

Pear shaped body types can sometimes be challenging to dress. Both halves of your body are different sizes.

When shopping for a sari for a pear shape, stay away from bold colours. Muted colours will keep you looking slimmer. Also, avoid large or busy looking patterns. Especially if you lack height.

A design that draws attention to your upper half will help even out your body. And you always want to stick with lighter fabrics. Anything bulky will make your bottom half look bigger than it is.

Apple Shape Body Type

The apple body shape is when the top part of the body is larger than the bottom. In some cases, this can look a little rounder without much definition in the waist.

To counteract this, stick with longer drapes and saree lengths. Elongating the body is the first step to making you look well-proportioned. Prints or decoration around the waist can add definition.

How to Dress a Thinner Body

Having a very thin body can be both a blessing and a curse. When you’re worried about having no curve or figure, it’s a curse. But the blessing is that almost everything will fit.

If you want to add curvature to your body, find a sari that drapes and hugs your hips right. Thicker fabrics, along with larger patterns will add volume. Also, thicker borders are perfect for your body type.

Saris for Hourglass Figures

The hourglass figure is bold. You are voluptuous in all the right places.

When dressing an hourglass figure in a perfect saree, don’t be shy. A beautiful neckline will draw the eyes upward. Think about a spaghetti strap blouse. Thinner borders will be perfect for you because they don’t draw attention away from your body.

When it comes to fabric choices, stick with something simple. Light colours and thin fabrics will produce a beautiful drape. The simpler the design, the more your figure will stand out. Follow these traditional fashion tips.

More Sarees

Finding the best saree (like blue sarees) for you isn’t as hard as it seems. Everyone may have a different body type. But there are sarees to fit and flatter any shape. When you shop with Famzzy, it’s even easier. We have some of the best wedding sarees you can find online.

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