How to Wear a Sari in 5 Different Ways

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While different colours, fabrics, and patterns have a huge impact on how you look in your sari, the real key to looking good is knowing how to wear a sari.

All regions of India have a long tradition of various draping styles. Some show how to wrap a sari in a more practical way. Other draping styles were favoured by the aristocracy as a way to display their regal status.

These days, a combination of traditional styles and modern fashion trends mean there are endless choices when it comes to finding the right draping style to suit your personality and body shape.

Whether you’re looking for a wedding sari or want to know how to tie a sari for a party, here are five different ways to wear a sari.

1. Lehenga

If you friend is insisting you wear a lehenga to her sangeet ceremony, avoid the expense by draping a simple sari into the style of a lehenga.

Often, this style of sari displays a contrasting pallu, giving an eye-catching effect. And, by adding a draping twist to your sari, you’ll achieve a glamorous lehenga-style that you and your friend will love.

It can be tricky to learn how to drape a sari in this way, but the effect will be worth the effort and patience needed to pull it off.

2. Mermaid

Made popular by Bollywood celebrities, mermaid-style draping offers a modern take on sari draping.

Instead of featuring pleats at the front, the sari drapes in a way that makes it look like a skirt, or rather, a mermaid’s tail.

This style will make you look like you’re an expert on how to drape a sari without requiring too much effort. It’s also one of the few sari styles which suits all body types.

3. Mumtaz

As made famous by actress Mumtaz, this is a great retro look to get you noticed at your next party.

This style of draping gives the impression of a layered skirt section thanks to the way the sari is wrapped to highlight a decorative border.

4. Kappulu

This elegant and traditional draping style originated in Andhra Pradesh, and is very flattering, especially with longer saris.

This style is wrapped from the left side, unlike other saris which are usually tied from the right to the left. And at the back, Kappulu saris display narrow pleats, which are intended to enhance the wearer’s form.

5. Butterfly

Another popular look for Bollywood celebrities is the butterfly drape. This style offers a modern and sexy way to drape your sari, and is perfect for showing off a slim waist.

This style works best with loose, flowing fabric in chiffon or light silk which can be pleated easily. And, for an added touch, pin your sari at the shoulder with a decorative brooch to keep it in place.

How to Wear a Sari

Know you know how to wear a sari in several different ways, you can start experimenting to find the perfect draping style for you.

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