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Quick Facts on Our Georgette Silk Sarees

Georgette silk saree is a lightweight and crinkled fabric. It has a springy feel. It is quick to absorb liquids and has a rough texture. These features make a Georgette fabric to dry with ease.

Georgette silk sarees provide a modern alternative to other Indian sarees. It is sometimes called

Mysore Georgette sarees

because it originated from Mysore. Mysore city is in India's southwestern Karnataka state.

Georgette fabric is woven in twisted yarns with the shape of S and Z.

We give you a choice to select from the two main types of Georgette sarees. The two types are pure Georgette sarees and faux Georgette sarees.

Pure Georgette sarees come from silk yarns. Faux Georgette sarees come from rayon and polyester. Faux Georgette sarees are sometimes called

synthetic Georgette sarees


Where does Georgette Silk Fabric Originate from?

Georgette Silk Fabric originates from Madame Georgette de la Plante. She introduced this gorgeous fabric to the French fashion scene around 1915.

Madame Georgette was a French dressmaker. She was very innovative and always inspired by chiffon. Chiffon is a similar material to Georgette silk but more durable and strong.

Georgette silk sarees make the women wearing them to look strong. This is because they have a twisted feel.

Weaving Georgette Silk Sarees

In the old days, Georgette sarees came from silk. Nowadays, the modern Georgette fabric comes from polyester and synthetic filaments. That is why you hear people calling them synthetic Georgette sarees.

Thin threads make the twisted fabric of Georgette. Because of the thin threats, Georgette silk sarees are light and crinkly. They also have a floating appearance.

Georgette fabric accentuates a woman’s curves very well. Indian fashion designers are experimenting with the fabric. They have created designer work Georgette sarees.

We want to improve your Georgette sarees online shopping experience. That is why our online store has a collection of Georgette sarees. They include satin Georgette, viscose Georgette and silk Georgette. For synthetic Georgette sarees, we have polyester and nylon Georgette sarees.

Popular Georgette Silk Saree Varieties and their cost

Georgette sarees are available in the market in different colors and styles. Each occasion calls for a different color and style. Banaras Georgette sarees are Georgette silk saree made in Banaras. Plain Georgette sarees are one of the popular. Printed Georgette sarees and designer Georgette sarees are also popular.

In the old days, only royal families wore Georgette fabric. It was very expensive. The use of polyester and new technology has made Georgette fabric affordable. Ordinary people can now afford it. Faux Georgette is five times cheaper than pure Georgette. Even if it is cheaper, faux Georgette gives the same quality and design.

Manufacturers of Georgette silk sarees are increasing every day. Most of them come from the Indian city of Surat, Gujarat. Our online shopping store offers a huge collection of designer Georgette sarees. They all have reasonable prices.

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At our online store, we offer Georgette silk sarees online with prices that you cannot refuse. They vary from simple to sophisticated Georgette sarees. We have every pattern and design. Feel free to shop for a Georgette saree of your choice from our store.