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Korean Silk Sarees

Women’s Korean Silk Kurta


Quick Facts on Our Korean Silk Sarees

The Koreans copied the secret of silk growing and silk weaving from the Chinese. Korean silk sarees have an excellent quality because most of them have of pure silk. Our online store enables you to buy Korean silk sarees at a reasonable price. Our online store is the best place to buy Korean silk sarees. We get our Korean silk sarees from the Dongdaemun material market. The market is in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Some of the Features of Korean Silk Sarees

Despite its delicate appearance, a strand of silk is very powerful. Koreans nurture the silk cocoons that provides a majority of silk for saree fabric. The nurturing makes the silk cocoons strong enough to protect silkworm larvae. The silkworm larvae is the one that matures into adult moths that produce silk.

Korean silk sarees have the following admirable characteristics:

  1. Korea produces high quality silks. People from far and neighboring countries visit Dongdaemun material market. They want to buy the good fabric.

  2. Korean silk sarees are attractive with beautiful colors. This is the same as the other traditional Korean clothes such as the hanbok.

  3. Handmade fabric from Korean silk makes the beautiful Korean silk sarees.

  4. Korean silk sarees are very comfortable and convenient for all seasons.

We provide a large collection of attractive Korean silk sarees. Our Korean silk sarees have traditional Korean embroidery patterns and Taegeuk marks. You only need to select what you like.

Types of Korean Silk Fabric

Our online store of Korean silk sarees has two types of silk fabrics.

Piece Dyed (Solid) Fabrics

Basic piece-dyed fabric is the material that makes most of our readymade Korean sarees. It has basic silk qualities and a wide range of colors. We also provide custom color dying fabrics. Our customers choose a custom color, and our designers make the requested piece. For those who want to buy luxury Korean silk fabric, we have a high-end design. Crepe back satin and silk velvet are the examples of the high-end designs.

Printed Fabric for Garment

Our store offers new print collection for all seasons. We allow our customers to select a custom design for their Korean silk saree. Our Korean saree print collection is big. We have floral, geometric, dot and stripe, paisley and animal skin designs. We have partnered with several graphic designers. These designers provide the innovative prints for the Korean silk sarees we sell.

How to take care of Pure Silk Korean Sarees

For your pure silk Korean saree to last long, you need to take a good care of the material. Here are some of the things you can do to protect the structure of the fabric:

  • Dry clean only

  • Do not dry under hot sun

  • Air dry only

  • Use low temperature to iron

  • Iron the wrong side (back)

  • Do not wring (twist & squeeze)

  • Do not bleach

Here are reasons why you should Buy Korean Silk Sarees from Our Store

At our online store, most of our Korean silk sarees come from pure silk. You can buy a wide range of Korean designer sarees for weddings and other functions at the best price. You can also buy Korean silk sarees that have a mixture of silk and other fabrics.

The fabrics that make most traditional Korean silk sarees come from natural materials. This is because of environmental awareness. We have partnerships with designers of piece-dyed and print Korean silk fabrics. That is why we give you high quality Korean silk sarees.