Renee Kujur the Indian Rihanna

Renee Kujur the Indian Rihanna - Meet India's Very Own Rihana

For quite some time,Renee Kujurwho is an Indian model has been facing numerous challenges because of her skin tone. In India, beauty is linked with skin tone. That is why Renee Kujur has beeninfamous in the Indian beauty industry.

Renee Kujur the Indian Rihanna - Meet India's Very Own Rihana

She has been rejected by several modeling agencies in her country because of the color of her skin. The ridicule she has been made to face started way back even before she joined the modeling industry.

Dekho dekho kaali pari (look, a black fairy) - Renee Kujur

“When I was three, I participated in a fancy dress competition in my school, dressed as a fairy. As soon as I came on the stage, someone shouted: Dekho dekho kaali pari (look, a black fairy) and the auditorium shook with laughter. I left the stage sobbing.”  She narrates.

Despite all the harsh comments and bullying, Renee Kujur has risen over the obstacles and is now likened to the highly famous American celebrity, Rihanna. Renee Kujur is truly an iron lady because she has been able to endure the mockery that has always been thrown at her.

Being regarded as Rihanna’s twin - Renee Kujur -

Being regarded as Rihanna’s twin has given people a whole new perspective. They are now starting to see her in a different light since everything about these two beauties is totally alike. Her career has catapulted to a whole new level with her fan base growing immensely. In her home country, perceptions about her looks are starting to shift.

Indian Rihana interview in the Hindustan Times

“With such deep-rooted prejudice in people’s mind, it would have been very tough to get work. The Rihanna factor turned out to be a blessing.” She confessed during an interview in the Hindustan Times.

Renee Kujur’s enduring wish is to meet her look-alike and thank her for the impact she has had on her life. Her likeness to Rihanna has given her the strength to fight the fairness obsession in India. She wants people to embrace who they are and her story speaks volumes.

the Indian modeling world - Indian fashion Industry

It has taken Renee Kujur over 20 years to overcome discrimination and power through the Indian modeling world. That is why she ardently advocates for the essence of being proud of who someone is.

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