Top 5 stylish mothers of Bollywood celebs

Bengali actress Moon Moon Sen, Riya Sen and Raima Sen wearing western cloths

#1: Mamta Basu, Bipasha Basu’s Mom

Bipasha Basu gets her unique attractive looks from her great mom, Mamta Basu, wearing traditions bollywood sarees. With elegance and beauty, Mamta Basu is a gracious and poised mother. The two often make several appearances at fashion shows.

#2. Moon moon Sen, Riya Sen and Raima Sen’s mom

Moon moon Sen, a famous bengali actress who loves bollywood sarees, remains one of the most attractive on-screen characters in the Bollywood movie industry. Her two daughters, Riya and Raima have followed in their mother’s footsteps. The three have had a huge contribution to the Bengali and Hindi movies. Moon Sen has done a great job in training her daughters on how to look fashionable.

#3: Meera Singh, Urvashi Rautela’s mom

Urvashi is an all rounded celebrity. She can model, act and sing. While she does this so well, one cannot help drawing some parallels with her mother, Meera Singh. Both ladies look stunning and flawless.

#4: Dimple Kapadia, Twinkle Khanna’s mom

In her peak, Dimple Kapadia was regarded as one of the most important actresses on Hindi silver screen in the 1980s. She is excellent when it comes to fashion and has managed to raise a wonderful daughter who seems to follow her steps.

#5: Shivangi Kolhapure, Shraddha Kapoor’s mom

Shivangi Kolhapure is best known for her acting and singing prowess in Bollywood films. Though she retired from acting after getting married, she has two beautiful daughters who have filled her space. Shraddha Kapoor is one of Shivangi’s daughters who exemplifies her spectacular looks and style.

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