How To Use YouTube Safely To Protect Your kids

There is no video sharing platform that can rival YouTube. With no doubt, YouTube is the number onevideo-sharing platform across the world. It is a great resource for children to learn, have fun and showcase their lives in a healthy way. However, YouTube presents a risk for children to consume unhealthy content that is not appropriate for their age. It also presents a risk for children to be exposed to malicious individuals who might exploit their innocence. If used appropriately, YouTube can have positive contribution to your children. There is need to closely monitor how your kids use YouTube. In this post, we give you some tips on how to use YouTube safely to protect your kids.

1. Have A Family Account

The first step to YouTube safety is setting up a family account. You can havea shared Google account where you can track information shared by your kids as well the videos watched and uploaded.It allows you to get around the minimum age requirement by Google.This is very useful when you have younger kids. As they mature, they are likely to have their accounts without your knowledge. After creating the shared Google account attached to YouTube, educate your kids on what to watch, upload and share. You should also let them know of the dangers of engaging in inappropriate behaviors while on YouTube. Set some ground rules on how touse the account.

2. Turn On The Safety Mode

One of the essential features of YouTube is the safety mode to protect your kids. The safety mode blocks offensive content from showing up in the account. To turn on the safety mode, you first need to sign into YouTube using your Google account. Then, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the YouTube homepage. There is an on and off button after clicking on the safety mode. As a parent, you need to make certain that your children do not change this setting. That is why you need to keep your login information private. Do not let yourchildren to know your password. In order to lock safety mode, you will be prompted to enter your login information. The safety mode is one of the surest ways of protecting your kids on YouTube.

3.“Flag” Videos

Another great YouTube feature is the flagging of videos. This setting is located beneath each YouTube video. A small flag icon allows you to flag and un-flag videos as need be. Whenever you come across an inappropriate video, you should flag it so that your kids do not come consume it.YouTube staff reviews all flagged videos and then deletes them if found to be breaching guidelines. Train your kids to flag inappropriate videos as well, enabling them to vigilant at all times when on YouTube. Such a proactive behavior enables your kids to develop a sense of control when on the internet and are likely to report inappropriate behaviors whenever they come across them. A great way to protect your kids, to teach them.

4. Exercise Great Caution When Posting or Uploading

Besides controlling what your kids are watching on YouTube, you need to monitor what they post, another effective way to protect your kids. If you allow them to upload content, you need to supervise them when doing so. Millions of people all over the world see uploaded content. If they upload inappropriate content, it is likely to affect them many more years to come. Other people can use those videos to taunt your kids. In turn, this will have an effect on their privacy and reputation. The best thing to do is to have a sit-down and set some ground rules on what to upload or not upload to YouTube. They should know that it good to keep personal information out of the posts. If they want to upload videos that are private, they should be aware of the setting that provides this option. Encourage your children to seek your help and permission before uploading videos in situations where they are unsure.

5. Disable Comments

People on YouTube can be very mean. You kids do not have to be subjected to the ordeal of mean comments on their videos. That is why you should turn off comments on their posts. Also, teach your children on how to disable comments when they are uploading videos in your absence. The option of disabling comments can be found on the upload screen, advanced settings. You can either disable comments completely or block them until they are reviewed and approved.

6. Show Them The Good Side Of YouTube

Let your kids know that YouTube is not all bad. There are so many positive things to learn from YouTube. Encourage them to use YouTube for fun and learning by showing them the good side. There are millions of good videos that they can watch. Add any good video to the “Favorites”. Your kids are likely to enjoy themselves so much that they will not be looking for inappropriate videos.


As a parent, you need to keep a close eye on what your kids are viewing and posting on YouTube. It is your responsibility to control their behavior on social platforms such as YouTube. Close monitoring is encouraged as well as setting some ground rules. Some kids are mischievous and can go behind your back to create adult accounts. Make sure that this does not happen by checking their internet history. You can also use internet accountability services such as Accountable2You to receive reports and even text notifications of objectionable activity. What are some of the other YouTube safety measures you use at home?

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