Useful tips for telling your kids about climate change

Useful tips for telling your kids about climate change

One of the most pressing matters of our current time is the climate change. The world is changing in terms of technology and lifestyles. Even when new technologies are bundled with several benefits, a common downward is their contribution to climate change. For instance, greenhouse gas emissions are of a major concern. They interact with other gases in the air to cause acidic rain and global warming. Cutting down trees leads to accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air, which in turn changes the climate patterns.

Useful tips for telling your kids about climate change

When global warming makes rivers to dry, fish and other aquatic animals end up dead. As evidenced, matters of climate change are quite disheartening. It is a reality that neither we nor our kids cannot run away from. The question that begs is, how do I explain the issue of climate change to my kids without upsetting them?

Earth's climate change causing temperature hike

Most kids are scared of the topic of climate changeand tend to freak out when they hear it. There are some tips that teachers, parents, and guardians can use while passing information on climate change to kids. The tips will enable the speaker to pass on information about climate change without freaking out the kids!

#1: Having the facts right

Climate change is real

Climate change is real. List different facts and examples that clearly show how changes are taking place. Since most of the changes take place in our everyday lives, show them to kids. One common example is floods, which occur due to excessive rains that result from the effects of global warming.

#2: Using simple examples

Give simple examples that are not far from their surroundings. For instance, give an example of big cities, which are congested with cars, factories, and buildings. Make sure that the kids can easily identify the examples. Explain how living things such as plants and animals breathe and how climate change affects them.

#3: Giving them hope

Let the kids know that although climate change is a serious issue, we can still overcome it. Give them stories of different individuals who have succeeded in curbing climate change.

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#4: Empowering them to take action

One of the common empowerment solutions for kids as far as climate change is concerned is encouraging them to plant trees. Advice the kids to spread the message of climate to their friends both at home and school.

Save Tree and Save the Planet

Take action today! Let your kids know about climate change and start combating it.

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